Chef Nicole Derseweh

started the grassroots charity organization called the Martha project, feeding vegan meals to the Los Angeles homeless population based on her drive to serve nutritious food. Each meal is fully plant-based, packaged in eco-friendly containers and distributed to the nearby neighborhoods by volunteers. ​


The Martha project is named and dedicated to Chef Nicole’s late grandmother Martha Ann who showed love through food and opened her arms to those in need. Martha Ann was sadly lost early in her life due to cancer, leading Nicole to a vegan lifestyle based on her research for healthier eating. She now thanks Martha Ann for her health and passion to love and show up for others.


Now Chef Nicole aims to help others gain peace of mind during this extremely risky time by working with the homeless population that has been affected due to cut or reduced programs because of the COVID-19 health crisis. To address the extra risk at this time they have brought a doctor to their volunteer staff who provides medical protection for the volunteers and ensures proper safety protocols.


The Martha Project aims to spread the word and continue the support for these homeless communities. $4 buys one plate of food and The Martha Project’s goal is to make over 100 plates per event.