Plant Based Luxury

Luxe Vegan Food Tours offers superior quality, authenticity, exclusivity, and meaningful experiences. We provide all inclusive cuisine tours of the finest vegan fair in the world. We are not just a food tour. We have curated private and group tours featuring cultural entertainment, intimate gatherings, exclusive event access, hidden gems, and classic tour destinations all throughout Los Angeles. Discover all this beautiful city has to offer in confidence knowing that your adventures and menu have been carefully designed for you

Luxe Vegan Food Tours ~ Experience LA’s hottest plant-based restaurants, bars, shopping and adventures with unprecedented class.

Steve and Tim are absolutely so much fun and hospitable. We had the best time and it is hard to remember what I would consider the highlight of the experience. Every single moment of it was just MAGICAL! I would definitely recommend the tour to all of you, vegans or not!

Our Vision

The mission of Luxe Vegan Food Tours is to create exceptional gourmet plant-based food tour experiences. We ensure that from the moment you step foot into our luxury vehicle until the moment you leave, you are pampered and waited upon like royalty. Vegan Nom Nom Tours takes pride in bringing together the best quality food in the world and the highest caliber customer service to create experiences that will stay with our guests forever.   

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Luxe vegan food tours

All Inclusive Luxury Vegan Food Tours

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We are not just a food tour,
we are an unfleeting experience...

Sit back in luxury as we connect you to the heartbeat of Los Angeles. Our local guides, chefs, and socialites will immerse you in the very best that our city and nature has to offer. Relax with a glass of champagne in your hand as we shower you with personalized gifts and treatment you can only find on our tour. This is a celebration of you and your party.

Classic/trending destinations, exclusive events, pop up scene access, animal sanctuaries, nature excursions, nightlife, VIP luxury chauffeur/butler service, and personalized gifts that all revolve around colorful plant-based plates.

With new venues and events weekly there are always new tours to explore. Whether you’re vegan or just curious, welcome to club luxe.


We are an all inclusive cuisine tour.

We grant you access to exclusive menus, events, meet and greets with celebrity chefs and more

We seek out only the most sophisticated, high-end, current, and top rated plant food restaurants

All of our featured tours include premium seating in a luxury vehicle.

All of our vehicles have premium features and are the safest in their class

Skip the maps and the traffic- leave it to our professional drivers to effortlessly navigate through our busy city

Experience all of our beautiful beaches, magical mountainsides, and surreal city life in luxury and class

We pamper and spoil you with excellent service and amenities including personalized gifts

We take the guesswork out of planning your perfect vegan adventure or event

We offer unique experiences like no other tour creating memories that will stay with you forever.